Choose A Blind

Our blinds and awnings come with a wide range of features. The following guide helps you choose the blind or awning which fits your requirements.


You can use the following table to assure the selected product will fit your size requirements:
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ProductMinimum .. Maximum WidthMinimum .. Maximum HeightMaximum Area
Ziptrack800mm .. 4000mm800mm .. 2750mm10.0 m2
Ezip800mm .. 4500mm800mm .. 3500mm10.0 m2
Window Awnings600mm .. 5400mm900mm .. 3600mm10.0 m2


We offer a range of fabrics and these all come with their unique benefits.
FabricOpennessUV ProtectionRain and Wind ProtectionAvailable For
Sunscreen (Default)5 %95 %95 %All Blinds
Clear/ Tinted PVC0 %~ 50 %100 %Ziptrak, eZip, Rope and Pulley, Cafe Blinds


Please see our Sunscreen colours page for available Sunscreen fabrics: