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Protect your home or office space with a high quality, DIY exterior window awning from DIY Blinds. We have an impressive selection of DIY window awnings to choose from in a variety of materials, colours and sizes. Learn more about our range of DIY window awnings or chat to a team member to get started today.

Choosing the right DIY exterior window awning

When a window is exposed to direct sunlight – especially in the harsh Australian sun – it can put furniture at risk of fading, cause discomfort or health issues, and raise the temperature of the room uncomfortably high. However, with the help of a top quality window awning, direct sunlight doesn’t have to be an issue. DIY Blinds’ DIY window awnings provide protection and privacy, keep energy bills down in the summer, and serve as a filter to allow a soft glow of sunlight into your home or office while blocking the glaring sunbeams. They can also elevate the exterior look of a building and add value to your home.

Each DIY exterior window awning in our range is custom made to order and has been thoughtfully designed to ensure easy installation. Whether you are a DIY novice or a seasoned renovation veteran, our straightforward instructions included in every order make DIY installation a cinch. However, if you want to save on time, we also offer a professional installation service – just ask our team about it when you place your order.

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We are one of the few companies in Victoria who double-check the measurement and provide installation for our customers.

Our check measure and install services come with a small additional cost. This enables you to get your awnings measured and installed by our experts at a DIY price.

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About DIY Blinds

Located in Melbourne, DIY Blinds has been serving Australian homes and businesses for over 20 years. Our team is filled with experienced, knowledgeable industry professionals who are happy to offer expert advice whenever you need it. Our aim is to empower every Aussie, from DIY newbies to renovation pros, to confidently install their own blinds and undertake their own DIY projects. Our team members can help you choose the right material, size, colours and optional extras to get the perfect awnings for your needs. Not only do we provide installation if you don’t want to DIY your awnings, but we are also one of the few Victorian companies who double check the measurements for our customers. That way, you can feel rest assured that your custom made blinds are exactly right for your windows.

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